It is possible to send posters or other promotional materials to the Library in advance.

Applies to non-EU shipments requiring customs clearance in Poland

In order to send promotional materials for the XL Jubilee Problem Conference of Medical Libraries:

1. Make an order to collect the package to the selected carrier (shipping company), which will perform export clearance in the country of sending and transport the shipment to Poland

2. The Sender prepares and attaches to the transport documents (AWB) a pro-forma invoice in which he or she specifies the contents of the package, the quantity and value of the goods sent and provides information on the delivery terms Incoterms 2020 – DDP Kraków

3. The Sender bears all costs related to shipping (transport, customs, VAT) and pays commissions to Customs Agencies that will deal with customs clearance

4. The Recipient shall provide the EORI number at the Sender’s request after meeting the above-mentioned points 1. to 3.