About the Conference

Medical Library of the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Kraków is honoured to invite you to the 40th Jubilee Problem Conference of Medical Libraries, which is going to take place on September 11-12, 2023.

We would like to organize the Conference in a new, innovative way, highlighting the pragmatic side of medical librarian profession. Our goal is also to involve all libraries working under the auspices of the Conference of Directors of Medical Libraries (Konferencja Dyrektorów Bibliotek Akademickich Uczelni Medycznych) in active participation in this special event. We intend to put emphasis on workshops. During those we are going to cooperate in groups, trying to work out new solutions, scenarios and approaches concerning our everyday professional challenges.

The Conference is going to start with a plenary session, inaugurated with a LECTURE by professor Małgorzata Bała, head of the JUMC Chair of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine and manager of JUMC’s Systematic Reviews Unit, which is a branch of Cochrane Poland.

Furthermore, during the plenary session we are going to present goals and premises of our WORKSHOPS:

● Systems for knowledge management in medical institutions of higher education

● Polish version of Medical Subject Headings®  – modern tool and a platform for cooperation

● Tasks and role of medical librarians during the systematic review preparation process

● Role of medical libraries in research data management

● Effective management in a nutshell – shaping the team of an academic library

The Conference organizers do not expect lecture proposals, but in accordance with their practical attitude offer a SPACE FOR POSTER-PRESENTING. Theme of these posters can revolve around various aspects of our profession, showing contribution in  development of one’s own organization or scientific information in general. We do not want this space to be limited only to posters prepared by librarians. We address our offer to representatives of publishers and companies, so they could advertise their products or show areas in which they connect with libraries and their users in Poland and worldwide. In the age of widespread modern information and communication technologies this form of presentation gains importance and carries a big load of innovation.

The 40th Jubilee Conference of Medical Libraries is going to end with another plenary session, providing an ability to present WORKSHOP CONCLUSIONS and POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT PATHS for coming decades. We encourage all speakers, workshop moderators and authors of poster presentations to use elements of „storytelling” techniques to make this Conference truly exceptional. Plenary sessions, workshops and poster sessions are going to be registered and documented for editing. Subsequently comprehensive Conference materials in the form of articles are going to be published in Medical Library Forum, ISSN 1899-5829, E-ISSN 2450-0437.